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Can We Make A Michigan Caregiver To Do / To Have Checklist?


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What are the official rules for being a caregiver? I know about the 12 plants / 2.5 oz per patient 72 plants total possible. I know that outdoor grows are legal if they are locked up and cannot be seen from the ground or close structures. Only a caregiver and the patient can enter the room where the plants are grown and the patient cannot enter a room with plants that are not theirs. Cant have 2 caregivers growing in one house.


Do you have to grow in your primary residence? Where is that stated in a legal document?

Can you legally own a firearm and have it in the house where you are growing?

Do you have to have a sign on the door of your grow?

What else am I missing?

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If the room is out of sight from daily traffic in the home I would get a warning sign from here on the site.


I also keep a clipboard with all my patients info and copies of their caregiver cards on the door in my grow area out of sight  behind another locked door in case I get a visit while away .



Firearms are sometime considered illegal in a house where one grows in Michigan there was a ATF memo that states anyone addicted to an illegal drug can not legally purchase or possess a firearm but  it seems to matter the most in the anti cannabis counties like Oakland they try every trick in the book to hem you up and charge you while I know of a few arrests elsewhere in the state  where firearms were present and they were only charged for the cannabis violation  .


I don't think there's anything written in the law regarding where a grow is located or that it has to be at your listed address myself I use a PO box for all of my caregiving contact info .

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