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Holy Trichomes Batman, I've Gone Induction!


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Well, I made the switch.  The huge savings in elec was what made me finally go for it, I had heard nothing but good things about these lights.  For the time being, I have only switched to induction in my flower room, I will hope fully have the one for my veg in the next month or so.


The focus group of plants in this journal where sent into flower on 9/14.  On 9/26 is when they where switched to induction lights. They went from a 1000k watt hps to the 400w iGrow bloom.  There is another light in there that has some plants that are finishing up and new ones will be introduced during the course of the journal.


Strains: Fruity Chronic Juice, MK Ultra

Nutrients: Technaflora

Soil: Super secret blend


I will make a separate post for each update to get the journal up to date.






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I've used different kinds of lighting in veg before, everything from fluorescent to LED.  I always grew one plant under the experimental lighting and another cutting of the same age and strain under a combo of Mh and Hps, which is what I normally use in veg.  In my experience, nothing compared favorably to the Mh and Hps combo.  

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Thanks for stopping by guys.


Yes I have grown these strains before, fruity chronic for about a year and a half and the mk for about a year now.


I have been a firm believer of the HID lighting, a buddy of mine got these lights which got me turned on to them. I did a lot of reading on them, couldn't really find any unfavorable things about them. Flower room went from 2k total watts to 800, room runs around the low 70's right now with lights on, no air cooling needed on these lights. The lower temps should also make it easier for pest control due to the lower temps (mites like higher temps).

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veg and the clone shelf


stains getting ready to go into flower: Strawberry diesel, vortex, sage, og ghost train haze #9

strains young in veg: the purps, pineapple express, blackjack, mk ultra





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here we are up to date, at about the end of week 6.  one more week and they'll get flushed, then it's 3 weeks of water and molasses.


a pic of the new girls in flower : og ghost train haze #9, vortex, strawberry diesel, and sage



the flowering monsters








needless to say I am impressed by these lights so far.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Nov 3, flushed the big flowering girls, 3 more weeks til they are done.  Had to give these girls some props, heavy buds!


I also swapped my rooms around, (moved flower into the veg space and veg into the flower space).  There is a long list of reasons why I made the switch, but mainly for height.  It's not as convenient of a setup, but it works.








A few days after the flush





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Nov 10.  Got the new veg light!  Supposed to be a lot less stretching with this light compared to an HID.  The bigger plants only have another 2 weeks under this light, so I'm not sure how much of an impact we will see on them before they go into flower.  The smaller plants we'll follow more closely, should see more of a difference with them, they'll have about 6 weeks under the light before they go into flower.  Strains for the smaller plants: a new fruity chronic juice (from seed), OG ghost train, SAGE, Strawberry Diesel.  Strains for the bigger plants: Pineapple Express, The Purps, Blackjack, Fruity Chronic Juice, and MK Ultra.



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Updated pics of flower room, less than 2 weeks to go on the big girls, getting some nice purpling,  Both rooms are running in the low 70s with lights on, high 60s light off.  The veg rooms exhaust runs at intervals, the new light helps keep it cool so I don't need to exhaust as much.  








a pic of one of the OG ghost trains, at about 4 weeks into flower, first run with this strain.



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