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Have You Grown Laughing Buddah ?


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I was wondering if anyone has grown the strain "Laughing Buddah" yet (from Barney's Farm Seeds) ???

According to the stat sheets, it says that you should flower out for 80-90 days (11.5 - 13 weeks) and I was wondering if that is really correct or not??  My girls are at 9 weeks (63 days) now and really do look like they wanna be harvested.  


Not sure if I should wait it out or go with my gut and get them out now....  :(   


Anyone got some insight ??





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let it go..... most of the time with a new strain if you think it looks done, its not and you dont know what youre talking about. its a new strain let it go, get a scope look at the trichs.....i have three strains that put on half their weight in the weeks after they look done. just relax take it slow, you waited this long no need to rush

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