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A Roomie Who Has A Card

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Evening everyone,


My son's girlfriend is living with us and has a card...I am having a hard time finding the "in's and out's" of how to manage this.


Like how and where does she store it in my home to not break the rules and put me and my family in any risk?


Can she posses it in my home or does she need to change her address to my house first?


Can she posses it with minor children (her's) living in the house?


Can she smoke in her room or in her car or where is it legal in a house to smoke?


Can she posses "items" to smoke from and if yes what and how many pipes or is there any guidelines on that?


I have no issues with her using the medication I just want to do it safely and legally...Thanks everyone

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in the off chance your questions are legit, i will try to offer my advice. i am not a lawyer and this is not legal advice.


1. she can posess it as long as she carries her card + dl on her or reasonably close, at all times. so probably have her make copies of those, and put the copy in the same container as her meds. you , and any other person, are protected by the MMMA for merely being in the presence of medical marijuana use.

MMMA section 4 (i) A person shall not be subject to arrest, prosecution, or penalty in any manner, or denied any right or privilege, including but not limited to civil penalty or disciplinary action by a business or occupational or professional licensing board or bureau, solely for being in the presence or vicinity of the medical use of marihuana in accordance with this act, or for assisting a registered qualifying patient with using or administering marihuana.

note: if you inhale secondhand smoke you may be inhaling marijuana molecules which then may show up in your urine. something to think about if you are regularly urine tested.


2. she can posess it anywhere in michigan except those locations prohibited in the MMMA, which are: any prison property, school bus/property, federal or tribal land. the MMMA also protects parents in

section 4 © A person shall not be denied custody or visitation of a minor for acting in accordance with this act, unless the person's behavior is such that it creates an unreasonable danger to the minor that can be clearly articulated and substantiated.

3. she can smoke it anywhere in michigan except those locations prohibited in the MMMA. which are : any public place or public transportation. although cps may give her problems if they test the childrens hair for marijuana molecules and find any. a garage, backyard, or in the house should all be fine. if in the house, a room with active ventilation (aka a fan) like a bathroom might be best.

note: that while its legal to use medical marijuana in a car if you are not operating it, police will give you trouble if your car smells like marijuana.



4. the MMMA law protects all paraphernalia for the medical use of marijuana, paraphernalia means bongs, vaporizers, pipes, grinders, etc.

MMMA section4(h) Any marihuana, marihuana paraphernalia, or licit property that is possessed, owned, or used in connection with the medical use of marihuana, as allowed under this act, or acts incidental to such use, shall not be seized or forfeited.


read the law. its not very long.



michigan medical marijuana program website:



i'm not sure if there is a patient guide written up anywhere.

the micompassion group has put out a book, but i havent read it. http://mycompassion.org/


theres a theory that you can further protect your house if you sign up a lease or rental agreement with the person. these forms are easy to get, i just forgot where to get them. its nothing major, just a simple 'i agree to rent these room(s) to ________'. that way there is a clear ownership and a clear legal boundary within your property.


if you have any further questions, please feel free to ask.

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