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Gave A Guy A Ride...

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he was walking in the cold rain this morning in livonia.

walking home from the community service he was forced to attend.


he didnt know there were 'rain days' where you dont do community service. him and me remebered seeing other community service people working when it was snowing out, shoveling snow. its not obvious that they wouldnt work in the rain, but no one told him about it.

he wasnt allowed to have his cell phone in community service. they also ban phones at the courthouse. so his ride dropped him off and he was stuck walking home.


he was busted for having a joint in his pack of smokes. he is black. a victim of racist police tactics. a victim of stop and frisk. a victim of the drug war.








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Good job, T. You eased his burden a little. 


i feel terrible that i could not help him more.

he said he missed showing up twice, and paid $10 and $20 fee, but the clerk said if he missed again he would be put in jail.


he was a very polite and friendly person, like most marijuana users i've had the pleasure of meeting.

i feel bad because i forgot to give him my business card, and forgot to offer him rides in the future if he needed it.


i would gladly pay $20 in gas + my time to keep one person out of jail.

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October 19, 2013 at 1:00 am
Special report: Maxed out on prison spending

It costs $5 million a day, or $2 billion a year, to run Michigan's prison system, whose population stands at 50,200 and is projected to top 56,000 within five years. Michigan’s incarceration rate is 31 percent higher than the Midwest average. State government leaders have been unable to reach agreement on how to stem rising costs, but the nonpartisan Council of State Governments is heading an effort to help Michigan come up with effective and less expensive strategies for dealing with its law-breakers.

I wonder what percentage of those 50,200 prisoners are victims of the war on the people (war on drugs). The drug war is over... drugs won!
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Too bad if you have a pipe that is an associated charge.

Possession of paraphernalia.

Oops you have a pocket scale to make sure you don't get shorted in your sack.

Oops there is a distribution charge coming your way.

See my point?

Oh wait a minute, you didn't let them search you willingly?

Obstruction of justice charges..

Oh you lied, another useless charge...

Pretty soon what was simple possession is now a ring leader.

Bull Sheet!!!


Legalize the Herb !!!

It is the Only Way.... Not to be jailed for it...

Lots of Medical Patients in Jail right now.

Oops that clone that you didn't think would make it so you cut another one to make sure you don't lose the strain just put you at 13 plants.... Off to Jail for you...

Legalize it..!!'

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