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In Need Of A Doctor!

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Hello.  I realize the laws have changed and patients now need to have some documentation now.  It is time for my father to get his renewal.  he has had his card for the last 2-3 years for severe and chronic migraines as well as nausea.  Since the laws have changed he went to his primary physician to get some documentation.  His physician told him his chronic migraines and nausea was from anxiety that he was diagnosed with.  So now on his way out he got his paper that says anxiety migraines, etc.    Now he has to find a doctor!  The doc i just got off the phone said she wanted an entire year of medical history?  WHAT?   Does anyone know of any doctors that will certify him?  He has some documentation and now we need to find a physician who will accept it and not make him jump through unnecessary hoops!  i understand documentation is needed now, but as far as an entire year of history, that seems excessive! 

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dems da law.

there is no definition of 'chronic' , most docs say 6 months minimum.


most of the docs want you to jump through the hoops.

i jumped, $3000 in tests later, they still want me to jump.

how high sir do you want me to jump?


what the doctor wants are records that are a year old or more.

that shows that he has been seeking treatment for this issue for multiple years.

have your dad ask the primary doctor for a copy of his records. by law he has to give him a copy. might cost like $2 per page or something. as long as your dad has been seeing him for multiple years, and its in his charts for symptoms for multiple years, that should be plenty.

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