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Another Shoe Falls... "drug War" Tales

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Last week both Fox News in the United States and Proceso in Mexico published a remarkable story with very significant repercussions. According to both sources, US intelligence agencies were involved in the 1985 brutal torture and murder of DEA agent Enrique "Kiki" Camarena in Mexico. The case is almost 30 years old, and many have forgotten it or weren't even alive at the time, but the implications of these allegations, if true, are extremely relevant today.  for the rest of this article: HuffingtonsPost.


Here's an article about the CIA/contractor/hit-man that was released after doing 28 yrs this past Aug... _LA_Times


Not sure how this is linked but the Ibero_America Summit was held Fri_Sat. None of the Major Players were in attendance.  Sensing some hostility regarding the lack of progress on the "Drug War"  dialogue. As well, these other very embarrassing  recent developments. ...w\Video


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