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Pre-Employment Drug Test

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I have a Chance to get a Job but it requires a pre-employment urine test, I use MMJ at least once a day so what are my options? I could use synthetic urine or I could use ready clean any other ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Quick fix or agent x both are fake pee just warm it up before you go stays warm for like 5 or 6 hours

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Never had to take physical for my jobs however no one is in the bath room with you if that helps at all. I had to put mine on the inside of my leg strapped it on with a bandage. They make you empty your pockets

Yea I would want to use synthetic urine I just dont want to get caught doing it

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One of my patients, it took just over 60 days before they tested clean. I have had other patients that tested clean after about 30 days. It all depends upon how much marijuana you consume as well as your body chemistry. Now if it were someone that was using large quantities of concentrates, well, who knows how long that would take to test clean. I would guess at least 60 days if not 90.


If you fail a drug test or if the test comes out inconclusive because you were drinking a lot of water, the next test they have you take, they will watch you like a hawk. I do know of someone that cheated on their urine test. They used a clean persons urine in a nasal spray bottle and acted like they peed in the cup and got away with it. Having the bottle in his pants, situated under his jewels, kept it warm. He did it for an entire year for probation and got away with it. I am not recommending it, just telling you what I heard.


This may be a very big issue soon. I have been hearing lately that they may force people receiving any form of government assistance to endure drug testing. If you test dirty, you get cut off. I am not sure if this is going to become law or not, but, I think eventually, it will. Probably more sooner than later.


For some businesses, it is not the business owner that enforces random drug testing, it is their insurance companies that mandate it. Whether it be to be insured at all or to get a lower rate. Either way, it sucks! Whatever happened to personal privacy? I would have to put it on the extinct list!


Personally, as an employer, I would rather my employee go home after work and free their mind, or treat an ailment with marijuana than to go home after work and get drunk to free their mind or just to cope with their pain or other ailment. Chances are the pot smoker would be a more loyal, trustworthy employee vs. an alcoholic! Am I right? Maybe not......

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Yes, I suppose with a physical that would present a problem. You would have to be very creative.... LOL :P


For random testing, there are ways around it.


If you really need the job, or if you really cannot afford to lose the job you have, Then I suppose you shouldn't take any chances and bite the bullet and stay clean. It is not fair, I know. It just bums me out when it comes to mj. Hopefully the feds get off their lazy, incompetent bottoms and pass a bill that changes the classification of mj make it legal for medicinal use.

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