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A Story Of Three Seeds


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   recently a friend of mine,lets call him bud toker,got it into his head to order up some seeds from a seed bank,lets call it the Altitude Seed Bank.the Altitude Seed Bank was having a special deal where if you ordered $50 dollars worth of seeds, they'd send you 8 free seeds.well this was a deal ol'bud toker just couldn't pass up, so he went to the cup winner section at the Altitude and chose three cup winning strains,3 seeds,just enough to make the $50 requirement to quaifiy for the 8 free seeds.oh he was a happy guy. he made his order,took out the guaranteed stealth shipping with a wallet and started the long wait to get his order.

   the days passed slowly for ol' bud toker,,then one morning there came a knock at the back door,it was his mail person with a package that needed to be signed for.now ol' bud toker was used to signing for packages because he often signed for his pain medications and other mailings and because he had never had to sign for his other orders from the Altitude didn't think anything about it and signed for the package sight unseen...oh what a shock to see that the package he'd just signed for was his long awaited Altitude order with a large green Customs/Border Inspection tape on it,....his heart sank as he opened it and found only the wallet inside.

   now if ol'bud toker had not signed for the tampered package it would have gone back to the Altitude Seed Bank and they would have reshipped the order,but because he had signed for it,the Altitude would have no idea it had been intercepted and bud toker thought his $50 plus shipping was just money gone.he was very sad and a little scared not knowing what other trouble may come from having his package searched and then signed for,so quick as lightning he cleaned up his grow.but that wasn't all he did, ol'bud toker wasn't one for giving up so quick on his $50 plus shipping and took a couple of pictures of his green taped package and contacted the Altitude Seed Bank via email and to his suprise was told that the Altitude would stand by there guarantee and reship the order....now ain't that something.ol' bud toker was happy again...still alittle concerned about all that had happened, but better.

    now the reason i'm telling this story is so that others may learn from bud tokers experence and not sign for any package without seeing it first,especially when seeds and Customs maybe in the mix...eleven seeds were stopped at the border with that one package so fighting the war on drugs goes on, but if you're going to order seeds, order from the Altitude Seed Bank...lol...bp

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one of those brokers, lets call them Altitude Brokers, has an epidemic seizure rate for many months now. they haven't changed their packaging methods and the jig is up on them. some get through, but most just go into a dumb data base. I think the customs department is starting their own genetic library.no worries though, no reason to clean up the grow. A police body would have to prove that someone else did send them, like happens to me often, darn strangers, and all kinds of other things.


I would probably look for a vendor with a different name like maybe caBBAcollectiveuk or one that said singlebeanncentre or something flashy like that. I'd make sure thy had selections my old one didn't, before I chose to use them for years. 

peace out

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They don't have a choice.  It depends on where you live and I think everyone in Michigan is gonna have their international packages arrive at the Chicago customs hub.  There are 3 major customs hubs, NY, LA and Chicago so it just depends on which is closest.


If you are planning on ordering seeds, I would wait about a month until the crazy holiday season shipping starts.  Once that begins they are so overwhelmed I bet the seizures go down a good bit.

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