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Changing Water In Cloner?

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Only twice a year for a cloner? I was thinking at least once a week... I've been growing for years but cloning isn't my thing I've never had much luck with them but I just recently got the clone machine... I had nice roots but my water level got low and I lost almost all of them... Keeping a closer eye on them now...

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ewww, salt water softener? I didn't even know that water would work. I bet its not ideal though.


sounds like your water might have a something in it that likes to grow fast. prolly a good idea to get a dnr 12$ test , even while there is no salt.

I'd buy a tap attached water filter till you figure it out. My well water  gets changed weekly with no issues. I add to it to keep the levels up every couple days when I use it. I'm liking rapid rooters/willow water dip now for a year. prolly wont go back.

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willow water? i know that i saw it in a thread somewhere around the neighboorhood. what does the willow do for yor water? is this just for clones?

Its for clones.  Willow bark contains natural plant growth hormones; namely, indolebutyric acid and salicylic acid.

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I have had sloe rooting from time to time in an aerocloner.  Seems when you go back to basics, everything works out OK.


If you clean everything inside and out, use distilled water, keep your pH between about 5.2 and 5.9 and keep the water temp under 70 degrees F, you should be OK and hitting about 100% success rates.


Keep it as simple as that.

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It sounds like the mineral content of the water from your well is a bit excessive as you mentioned having a water softener unit broken down . This would indicate that you have very hard water and I recommend not using this without at least diluting to a 50:50 ratio with demineralized water aka. Reverse Osmosis H2o . The excessive  minerals are not really beneficial to be honest  . Plants do not  uptake the excessive mineral found in hard water  and the alkalinity tends to become an issue one way or another in the long term run .


Buildup on water faucets and showers usually indicates the condition of your water and shower heads are often plugged by hard water , no different than a cloning machine . I change the water on mine weekly and once in a while I slip and forget but never do they go over 2 weeks time .


I should note that well water can change seasonally due to rainfall and water table fluctuations that take place during different seasons  . Some locations experience points where the water is very alkaline for a short period , usually mid winter due to the water table being low. So,  check EC and pH regularly and make notes of any changes . Often this can be a devastating blow when unchecked ..


Respectfully ~ PeacePipe

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