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The Top Reason To Grow: You Can Eat Buds In Your Grow Room

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right off the stem.  I ate a golf-ball sized bud off my JillyBean about 3 hours ago.

I had a packet of french dressing which i shot into my mouth before masticating the bud.  I did that for three reasons:  the first time I ever ate a bud I choked cause my mouth didn't produce enuf saliva so i could swallow.

two, dressing covers the slight chlorophyl spiciness that floods the throat.

three, a lube beyond saliva--one more slippery than saliva--is necessary to easily down the rouphage.. The mix reminded me of dinner salads served at poorer restaurants:  somewhat dry, and too much plant fiber.  A macro trim would help in this regard.

This time eating a bud was more pleasant, and i found it superior to smoking or vaping, as well as extremely more effective (potent) and longer lasting.  You experience wavers of flavor.  Fruiit and spiuce and a hint of chlorophyl linegers..  But the high is giant compared to the usual high of jellybean.  It hit me 50 minutes after injesting.

Might this be a replacement for concentrates for those who grow?.

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Humm... I have read some on juicing and eating raw cannabis but, I

have read nothing of a 'high' being associated with doing so.

As I understand the chemistry of it all... the acids are not utilized

in the same way molecularly as they are once 'decarboxylated'.


Thanks reporting your experience pic :)



"... eat your greens..."

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