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$1 Per Gram For Medical Grade.....in Uruguay?

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If cannabis was regulated like grapes, I can't see why standard grade marijuana would be a hundred times more expensive than raisins, 17 cents per gram retail haha.

Many people are still getting rich off 1 /gr, guarenteed. Oh the magic of the free market, the great outdoors, a favorable climate, and dirt cheap labor.  


I bet they've got some fire! I wonder how they dry/cure? Lots of different traditional customs :geek: 

do you think they use advanced nutrients or heavy 16 hehehehehe

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Uruguay's Prez Rips Into U.N. Official Over Marijuana Law: ‘Stop Lying'


José “Pepe” Mujica shot back on Friday at the president of the International Narcotics Control Board, a U.N. agency, for saying that his administration refused to meet with the agency’s officials before legalizing marijuana this week.

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Where are you buying grapes where they are unaffordable? You should check out a grocery store called "ALDI", i buy affordable tasty and healthy grapes from them monthly. 


I shop at Aldi's as well, but as of late, I've started to wonder how much of their produce, is genetically modified. 

As for the original post, doesn't Uruguay know that they're breaking the United Nations Treaty??? :startle:

Too bad Bill Schuette wasn't down there to show them how it's supposed to be done. "What we do is make it legal, and sell everyone who uses it cards, then we make it illegal to sell it, and arrest all the growers.  Oh, before I forget, only 1 plant per growhouse as well.."

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