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Stimulating Appetite

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Is he seeking general relief, or an alternative treatment ?  Edibles are good for this, but not tolerated by all, and sugar isn't cool to pour onto cancer. I would get him an arizer vaporizer, and the most palatable strains containing (industrial hemp) higher cbd vibrations, like the joint doctor's santa marta strain, pleasant, great flavor,thick milky vapor easy on the lungs.

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Apollo 11 makes me eat like a monster.

That should help him with his appetite.

Maybe make him some space cakes or butter brownies with Apollo 11 he will get very hungry indeed.

You can make the space cakes and the brownies sugarfree by making them from scratch with Splenda if diabetes is an issue.

That will help with his hunger but you need some Simpson oil for the cancer itself.

Jah Bless

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