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Spent Time With John Sinclair This Weekend!

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I've got to say, this is an enlightened individual. the clarity and relevance of his opinions left me awe-struck. not to mention the history he was a part of, the people, places and adventures that are the stories of legend..... or just another day in the life of John, you know. before prison.....




I also found out I'm quite possibly, OK. 5 seals it, I AM a HIPPIE !!!!! according to John, the 5 things to watch for in a hippie are


1.) long hair and a FU attitude towards haircuts and social standards regarding hair length in general


2.)NO real job, credit, bank, etc...... yet, never on social programs or ever in real NEED


3.)may be perceived as lazy but constantly inventing, rethinking, inquiring, studying, networking EVERYTHING


4.)empathy for all, no unnecessary wars. (John said, the last war worth fighting was in 1942)


5.) took a LOT of acid



I had a great afternoon spending time with a great mind!~

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