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Want Fame? Don't Be A Psycho Gunman.


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This used to be a clear path to infamy.  Not anymore.  With these events happening nearly daily now, they have become so commonplace that unless you know someone that was killed, the event quickly fades.


Attention:  If you think you will become famous because you kill a bunch of people on your way out, think again.  It is all too common now.  You will be forgotten quickly as the next day's gun wielding killer will replace you on the TV in mere hours. 


Consider self immolation.  It is not at all popular in the USA yet and would get big press coverage for the early adopters.  Of course, at the end, you will want to be sure not to be carrying on your person that note that explains all of your motivations.  (Leave it on your kitchen table at home or with the person you chose to watch your snake while you were away.)


Since gun control will not work I thought I would encourage a different approach to limit these massacres.


Just reading about a new gun toting psycho in New Jersey and trying to think outside of the box.  Anyone else?

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they should stop having 24/7 coverage of these looneys.

stop putting their full names on the front page of the papers.

just call them 'a suspect'.

stop publicising them.

no more exclusive interviews with barbara walters or geraldo rivera.


also maybe you know, listen to what people have to say?

 if people say the TSA makes them so mad they stop flying, you may want to rethink an entire government organization whos only job is to anger people on a daily basis.

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