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New Here, But I've Been Lurking For A While.

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I just thought I should say: "Hi!" So, there I said it.


I live in SouthWest Michigan in Berrien County. I've been in this area since about 2007. I'm just starting my process towards getting my card. This is the first time I'm going to have any extra income because I recently paid off my car!! I'm hoping to get the ball rolling by the end of the month.


I'm not new to forums, but I haven't used an old school one like this for some time. So, I might make some mistakes even though I'll try my best to avoid them. Shouldn't be too hard because the boards move pretty slow. I'm 38, male and Anishnabe too, just like PeacePipe, but not good at the language. So, feel free to ask me anything or whatev's!


thanks and now back to lurking,


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