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Flowering First Week Help..


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First week in flower room and my og kush is showing her female strain love it.. really looking to know how long being my first year grow and all that I should be in flower.. I put the plants into flower from an 18-6 lighting to a 12-12 and with in 3 days theres showing there stuff : ) would like to know how far I can stretch my flower growth and best time to call it done.. rapid growth is all I can say.. very happy with this site as ive been using it for about 6 months and I'm getting closer to harvest. ive had 4 straight successful clones from the info ive gotten on here and couldn't be most happy thanks everyone you are are awesome..

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'its done when its done'


like asking how many days until a watermelon is ripe.


some people take a bud off and quick dry it , then test it to see if its ready or not.

also some parts of the plant will ripen before other parts.


what a pain it all is!! :)


the gw pharma thesis paper had a nice graph on this. but it was only for their strains.




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