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Our Parents?

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Mom was always ahead of her time, although not a regular 'toker', she would occasionally have a puff or two with me.

She enjoyed the uplifting of her spirit she said.


My father will not waiver no matter the facts I share with him and is still stuck (forever?) in reefer madness mode.

I won't bang my head against that brick wall any longer.

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I discuss this topic often.  Both of my parents see cannabis as no different than crystal meth, heroin, PCP, etc.  When the ballot measure was on the table in 2008, they were 150% against it and still are.  They have no idea that I'm a caregiver to several patients, and that my own 75% reduction in pharmaceutical use has been due to marijuana.  Dad is 87, a WW II vet, and would consider Reefer Madness to be 100% accurate.  Mom is 71 and slightly more open-minded, but I still doubt I will ever share the details of my life with them before they pass.  It's really quite sad for me.

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my mom would rather me be on mm than the narco's I was on that put me in i.c.u, at first my pops (retired cop) wouldnt here about it, since than Ive showed my dad my room and ive gotten him and my mom to use topicals, my mom never realy had a prob with it, but my dad came around finaly, if I need help with wiring or building a new room he is the 1st person im calling lol,,no sheet, he is realy talented in that kind of stuff and I want it right!


So Id say my parents are pretty cool about it for an ex cop and his wife! (my pops has now collected his pension longer than he worked) he was 44 when he retired, He was 19 when he became a cop, 25 and out!


good thread!



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My parents have a very open mind about it. They and I have been very involved in church my whole life, my dad being a preacher also. When I got legal as a patient they were happy to see me do so as they knew I'd used cannabis for years prior to that and they would rather me be legal than not. My dad was in a motorcycle accident a couple years ago and is on very harsh pain meds and hates how they make him feel. He won't smoke it but I have got him to try topicals and edibles once or twice. He said it made him feel lazy and not want to do anything, lol... I think he'd become a patient but him and my mother have ccw permits and don't want to give up that right... I had a ccw also but couldn't renew it this year b/c I am a mmj patient/caregiver...

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It is necessary to remind mine that two thirds of the people they sit with in church voted to allow it. Strangely enough, some of my family is in the business of selling ecigs and the nicotine to go with them, and making a killing. Reminding them the dangers of nicotine, which is more toxic than arsenic and more addicting than cocaine, does not somehow seem to get through to them. It often dismays me that I am part of that gene pool.

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Mom is 71 and slightly more open-minded, but I still doubt I will ever share the details of my life with them before they pass.  It's really quite sad for me.


i highly recommend you share your details with your parents. unless you want to be in a will or something haha.


before i showed my mom my card i was always keeping everything a secret from her. it was a real stress on me.

shes 100% against mj. but she doesnt bother me about it at all. kind of strange.

it was very painful to talk to her about it, but i feel much better now.


my dad used mj to control his medical issues, said it worked perfectly for him.

says his current medication gives him bad side effects. dont think hes going to go back to using it tho.

its unfortunate because i think he would be much happier getting rid of the prescriptions.

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Both of my parents have passed on now.  Both were against MJ when they were alive but they passed before mj was considered medical, outside of California.


It saddens me whenever I think that they both could have been helped by mj had I known then what I know now.

Same with my folks. They both died slowly, my mom from lung cancer and my dad from congestive heart failure. Both died at home. I know mmj would have relieved their suffering. Like you said, if I had know then what I know now...

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