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Questions For Your Potential Caregiver.

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I think it's essential to a successful relationship to cover some bases in an interview. Most often mine are covered in email before a meeting. I have a responsibility to make the process as quick as possible for potential patients to avoid medication delays. I don't "rise" to a patient's expectations, nor do I expect a patient to "rise" to mine. I try to find similar expectations and go from there.  

Often these relationships can  last for years  and that is the best scenario for patients and caregivers. The registration only goes awry when expectations are not met. Ironing these out before wasting time with an unsuccessful registration takes place is best I find.


This begins with asking the right questions, both of caregivers and patients. I'd like to start with Patients' concerns, and some questions they could ask for a better fit relationship.  Please share the essentials of your interviews, some questions caregivers expect to be asked, and some that patients might be afraid to ask.


Essential Questions of Potential Caregivers


  The first question asked of me usually, and a relevant one too ; 


1)  Can you deliver to my city, either to my  home or meet nearby ?


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