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Pretty Crazy Video I Came Across This Am

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Not MM related, just a crazy altercation between LEO and a family of 5 in a minivan..

IMO both parties are at fault the mom is a nutjob, the son was protecting his mom, The cop.. is a cop the one shooting is a real idiot cop.. check it out what you guys think crazy huh?


(Scrool down to the end of the story to watch the video)







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I'm not sure which are the best use of adjectives to describe this story...


i saw it on the news yesterday morning and i was "shocked" to be sure...


i thought it was unreal the police shot at her with no sight of any deadly weapon.  those officers each need to be removed from active duty.


they obviously have issues over communicating with citizens who are distressed.


it should be they are charged with a felony because they fired at an unarmed citizen over an argument... not a good enough reason to use deadly force in my opinion.

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I concur, To me it appeared the cop that seemingly just got there, was shooting at the rear tire.. That could have just been totally all in the way I saw it but.. yeah what a donkey for even pulling the trigger No weapon shown nothing said about a weapon you can hear the cops yelling no mention of a terminal threat besides that 14yr old sticking up to a mad cop, gripping his mom up and scaring his family..

Both wrong, cops are really in the wrong..

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Most cops do what they want and think they are above the law. They report what they want and it's often not the truth, it's what they need in the report to convict. I once was falsely accused of Dom. Violence and you should've seen the bs in the report. When my ex saw what was in it she was shocked as well. Luckily it got dropped for lack of evidence... I wish they would do undercover recorded videos of how they act and what they report n how they treat people and rid the shady ones... Their r a few good ones out there I'll admit. Not enough tho

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I truly dont know what to say about the mom taking off! If I was a cop I would have went after her also and tried to get her out of the car, I most def would have tazed anyone trying to help the lady who already broke a few minor traffic laws, than she ran from po po that made it much worse. when leo caught them the 2nd time I would most def of broke a window of the person who tried to assualt leo and help the driver (his mother) get away!


Now when the other officers arrived and she took off again and the one po po started to shoot at the car, I think that was abuse of authority! for one thing I bet he didnt know the car was loaded with kids,,,,,,,What on earth would a mother put her kids in danger like that for?  Im sorry, no Im not, the mother is totaly at fault, she should have an investigation from cps, she most def put her children at risk of dying by the hands of leo, which did not have to happen, why did she run to begin with? why did she run again, did she think the place she was going to was not going to be there if she got a ticket? Ive gotten pulled over in ohio for a speeding ticket, I had to pay it right on the side of the road, leo has a credit card reader in their cop cars there, and when out of state people get pulled over they either have to pay it now or go to court now to take care of it,


I think the fat arse cop that started shooting was way out of line, but I have to say the mother is the one that started it all and she is the one that is most at fault and put her own children at risk!


I dont see how any one else could see this any other way!


dont run from leo if you dont want to almost or lose your life or those with you!



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