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Utah Doctors Endorse Medical Marijuana Tinctures


This week, three Utah physicians wrote a letter to the state Controlled Substances Advisory Committee to endorse the use of medical marijuana for patients, including the use of marijuana tinctures for children suffering from debilitating illnesses, such as epilepsy.


The letter was written by pediatric neurologist Dr. Francis Filloux.  Filloux and his colleagues join a recent push by a Utah mother to change the state law to allow the use of cannabis oil extract.


“The substance is not psychoactive or hallucinogenic,” Filloux said in his letter, which was co-signed by two other university doctors. “It has absolutely no abuse potential.”


By not allowing the cannabis oil in Utah, “we would be making the decision to limit access of our children to a potentially life-improving therapy,” Filloux wrote.


The Controlled Substances Advisory Committee, which is comprised of physicians, pharmacists, and law enforcement, does not have the power to simply allow any form of medical marijuana. 


However, they can provide recommendations about legislation to the state legislature.


Utah Representative Gage Froerer has already announced that he plans to introduce a bill in January that would allow hemp products, including marijuana tinctures. 


Tinctures can be considered a hemp product due to their extremely low THC content.



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