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Liberia Destroys Over 650 Pounds Of Marijuana By Burning It


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Liberia Destroys Over 650 Pounds of Marijuana by Burning It


Liberia’s Drug Enforcement Agency burned over 650 pounds of marijuana that was seized as part of a nationwide crackdown on drug traffickers.  According to officials, the marijuana was smuggled into the country from Sierra Leone by a member of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s motorcade staff.  It is estimated that the marijuana was worth $4 million.


The presidential aide, Perry Dolo, used an official vehicle to transport the marijuana. He and at least three other men with whom he was traveling were arrested shortly after crossing the border.

Liberia’s Information Minister, Lewis Brown, said the burning was to show that there will be no tolerance for drug-related crimes.


Liberia has had problems with drug smuggling for quite some time.  It is illegal to grow, buy, or sell marijuana in the country.  However, penalties for drug crimes are relatively inconsequential and are rarely enforced.  Smuggling of marijuana from Sierra Leone is common, and many farmers in the region opt to grow marijuana with little repercussion.



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