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A lot of patients that are home-bound are the ones that are really getting screwed. I recently lost a patient because she is home-bound. She could not get a doctor to make a house call to sign a recommendation, and we tried, we even offered to pay double. She uses mmj for pain relief. The pain pills she is prescribed make her vomit, which is extremely painful with her back issues.


Here are some of her issues: Let's start with the brain tumor, then there are the three back surgeries, the most recent back surgery ended up a disaster too. Countless complications, the incision site would not heal correctly, got a major infection at the incision site which ended up becoming a blood infection and she had to go through 8 weeks of IV antibiotics and will probably need to take antibiotic tablets for the rest of her life now too. This is just the surface. Before, she was able to do a telephone interview and provide medical records via fax or e-mail to get a recommendation.


The people who need the medical marijuana the most are the people that usually have the least access to it and find it to be the most difficult to get a recommendation.


What is the purpose of a medical marijuana card if the people who need it the most don't have easy access to it? I would not expect a patient to go through hell just to get a recommendation to get a card.


Here are some good questions. Who is the criminal? Who should be prosecuted? Who should be punished? The person that helps her out and provides her some medicine for relief or our self serving politicians who's only concern is what will be most beneficial for them? Should it be the law enforcement officers who follow the instructions of their political leaders to do harm to citizens?


Either way, this breaks my heart. I tried to do this woman justice, and either I failed or the system failed.

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