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Fast And Furious


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I just saw the latest installment of this flick. If you bought into the others, this one will blow you away !  It's multiple tumbling climax/endings are over the top, right to the very last minute, even after the credits, don't stop till its over, then wait some more.


I did buy into the others, and say this one is ridiculously entertaining. statham will be in the next one, I promise !

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did you notice that the oriental character (from Tokyo installment) is in FF6, even though he died in Tokyo flick, with no explanation for this, I'm bummed. I would have bought a faked death or other lame excuse, but nothing ? gentlemans

It's car porn, and it's awesome.


The only problem is that as soon as you stop watching it, you have the sudden desire to go 200 mph. A little difficult these days, with the weather :)

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