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The Cheapest Growing Marijuana


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I don't do this, but I have, and it is great. I swear, no tricks, or shortcuts. It will not succeed with municipal

water supply, so use filtered, or well water. I did it recently with a selection of plants in a 2x2 tray, 6 inches deep.

I had more success in the individual 1 gallon grow bags using the same system.


I'm talking about a couple dollars in each bag, with a no fuss, no mess, no brainer nutrient delivery.


50/50 happy frog/promix, mixed

watered a week before planting/setting clones


water only when the bag is light again, no fertilizer needed in veg,

if flowering before 18 inches, as I do anyways.


enter these;

51obA1IMWsL._AA160_.jpg@ 50 cents a piece , and as low as half that with some shopping.

stab two or three in when transferring into the flowering room/schedule, another few more in 30 days or so.

add a couple cups of water per day, (in my room anyways) and harvest at sixty days(here) with ttl cloudy trichs


these bags finished perfectly, with 36 inch plants, thick rootbound blocks, and stinky sticky tight buds always.

they rival my worm farms production and quality, but I'm addicted to them, and they are cheaper than 2 bucks a pot to manage, much more labor though.

when I can longer fuss with ferts, this is my option hands down. I consider it daily for my current production options too. they are "organic" whatever that might mean


I thought I'd share this for those who are unable to labor in a garden. I recently met a patient who was severely handicapped. I walked him through his own garden using these exact plans, and he is a happy happy man, and saved a ton of money producing his own medicine. He used a 482 watt t5 fixture in veg, and a 600 watt hps in flower, both in separate 2x4 grow tents. they were "plumbed together---stink sock inside flower tent, through cooled hood, to veg tent cooled hood, out through another stink sock.  For the fastest best outcome I suggest Critical +

as your first plant, with some santa marta joint doctor auto's too. Plant some lemon skunk, og kush, Tahoe kush, and sit back.

enjoy some critical samples in 45 days after flower set, and harvest in 55 days, and your autos will be finishing in around 75 ttl. Lemon Skunk wont need a long vegging, and remember, some sativa dom plants can be planted in 12/12 directly with acceptable results in a personal garden, others need only a week or so of vegging.

this is a clean, cheap, healthy alternative to grow store nutrients, I always use t5(20hrs) in veg, and hps/mh(12hrs) in flower. I'm pretty sure if I started out knowing of these, I would be using them exclusively now, even growing for five patients, and indeed just might in the future. I grew dozens of plants this way, and he is still harvesting monthly for himself using this system. I suggest adding nothing else to the mix, but for the bubble tea heads, some crushed, with a splash of molasses, in a bucket bubbling, is a good non stinky approach to tea watering. its effective, but not necessary.


good luck !!

thanks to "Stosh" for his help in proving this system outside of my rooms.

yes, he was registered to me, and donated while he waited, and I allowed him to

retain his plant count to grow. He doesn't need me anymore, but we became

friends, and compare meds often. 




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good luck !  I was on a quest to find the easiest way to grow, and welcome any easier than this one. I do think the room controls are as important as the feed, light,and genetics. theres a lot of fuss over proper soil builds. this solves the hassle. I do not know how it recycles, or how hot it gets when you do. I have a control bag with worms inside who don't seem to mind the cycle.

when my new worm dirt emerges from the worm farms it is too hot for new clones/seedlings, so I use a new mix of happyfrog/promix. It helps replenish any lost soil in my system during recycle/reuse.

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