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93 Days, Or Dig Up Your Veggie Garden


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sometimes, I don't feel so bad,


A woman in Michigan faced up to 93 days in jail for not wanting to dig up her front yard raised vegetable beds (that incidentally she planted because the city dug up her front yard for maintenance without reseeding). A teacher who used his garden to teach kids about compost biodiesel, and solar power was given a citation in Tennessee. A woman in Oklahoma had her garden bulldozed by the city for having plants that were "too tall," even though the ordinance stated you could have plants over a foot tall if they were meant for human consumption. A couple who wanted to grow tomatoes for their neighbors and local food bank in Massachusetts faced a $300 a day fine if they didn't remove the plants. Yet another couple in Florida was threatened with a daily fine of $500 if they didn't remove their vegetable garden because it had an "unfinished appearance." I found it hilarious one of these articles mentioned that particular city's fine for growing marijuana was a one-time fee of $500


story; http://shine.yahoo.com/healthy-living/family-forced-dig-vegetable-garden-face-fines-172600905.html

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