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Male Plant


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consuming pollen from either has always been a bummer med for those I know. but those same folks, also agree that ""ditch weed" is now called "high cbd", the stuff of anxiety, gastro intestinal discomfort, and headache. I suggest that myself, and incidentally the patients that seek my garden are intolerable to these high cbd plant usages

 kill all that show their ugly head, or they will haunt you for the next 60 days, and beyond

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He has picked off most of the 'nuts'.  I asked him to leave the rest for now, until you guys had a chance to comment.

As you can see, there are sacks, as well as pistols in the flower.  Is this a herme?

If so, should he keep picking the nuts, and in theory have a female?



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well bunny muffin! he has been picking off the good stuff!  those arent nuts!!!!



SMH.... hopefully some of them will try to grow back. 

I see you dont have many post's,  This is a realy good place to read thru and find some good friends!


Welcome to our site I hope you find what you need!


Happy Thanks Giving!



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yeah, they call them 'balls' because they hang down on the plant.

or 'nanners' because they look like little bananas that hang downwards off of the plant.


some informative posts searching for 'male' in the gallery:








bagseed sometimes means hermies. so keep an eye on it.

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Op didn't know the difference between male and female parts. The book quickly teaches a newbie(no offense op) the basics of sexing a plant. No need to reinvent wheels, that book did all the figuring necessary. I found only one error in the pages. (sexing seeds with temps/light applied to them)


 I followed suggestions in the book for building my rooms, par lighting, humidity, temperature, c02, nutrients, oxygen, pest management, mold prevention, plant training, genetic choices, and more, and never suffered the woes of many gardens I read about in forums.  True, it is one of the most comprehensive guides available, and is overwhelming for some, expensive for others, but sets standards of medical production found rarely online. While reading just the first few pages, I was convinced that this was my calling, and wanted to do it right.

 Compared to the internet, full of "tricks" and gimmicks of how to grow on the cheap, approaching the craft with the best of equipment and latest information turned out to be the best choice for me. Not everyone can do that, and I feel fortunate that I could.  I imagined an experience without much trial and error, and got one.


happy growing

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No offense.  Everything i ever grew in my past life was from clones, so i never had to sex anything.

My buddy has never grown, and had no idea what to look for, so i sent him some links, and he thought they were males!

Very glad to get the feedback, and glad someone reminded me about that book.  i did find my copy!

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