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Best Metal Pipe Or Wood And Metal


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I know a lot of us do not care much for metal pipes. A lot of people think their meds are only meant for glass. I must disagree, metal pipes do serve a purpose for me, at least good ones.


My favorite metal pipe had always been the Proto Pipe until last year. I ordered a new pipe. One that was different than any other I have seen. Very similar to an over-sized wooden monkey pipe. I really like this pipe. I think I like it better than the proto pipe, it is definitely more durable. I guess both are my favorite metal pipes, the proto pipe and the metro pipe.


Just like the proto pipe, the smoke does not go through the holding chamber. So your extra meds do not get exposed to smoke. This thing is super heavy duty. If you are on medications, you can put your medicine in the holding chamber and you are ready to go. Most tablets will fit in the chamber. It kind of has a narrow but deep bowl, a screen is necessary.


Here is one link to purchase, but I am sure it can be found cheaper somewhere else. http://www.bukket.com/pl_product~1041~3~0.htm


Here are some pictures of the metro pipe. It is not all that popular, but it deserves to be. It is reasonably priced for the quality too.


Metro Pipe 11 29 13 007

Metro Pipe 11 29 13 002

Metro Pipe 11 29 13 006



Just wanted to share. The metro pipe is a worthy product in my opinion. For a wood pipe, the monkey pipe is pretty cool too, especially the fisherman's friend.



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