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Cannabis Hypocrites?


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how can we offer financial support to illegal dispensaries, and suggest them as the first line of procuring meds to new patients,  and then argue about the evils of cannabis commercialization in our state ? 


why do we first offer an illegal choice to new patients, and then suggest following the Act by finding a cg or growing themselves ?


how can we support the very DuPont entity that criminalized cannabis by purchasing goods from them ?


why would we offer support for lawbreakers in our community ? does the ends justify the means?


should we instead strive to remain legal, accept responsibility for our own inactions,  offer legal choices, and support those who continue to represent properly ?


be the change you wish to see in the world-Buddha

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the supreme court has said that patients are protected when they purchase from anywhere.


most caregivers have said they wont help patients unless they are registered.


patients dont want to wait 30 days to get registered with one caregiver.


theres solutions to this.

1. make caregiver changes instantly approved by lara online

2. change the law to make unregistered transfers legal

3. make patients understand that waiting 30+ days to get medicine is 'just how it works' and that they should avoid dispensaries because some people dont like them.

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