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The Attitude Not Shipping To The Usa?


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yrs ago I used a prepaid, had some issue, and always used my own cc after that, with never an issue.

prepaid are not anon anymore anyways, so it didn't matter to me.


its not the attitude, its the credit card company deciding where and to whom they will allow a charge


good luck, all the ones mentioned are swell brokers

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No the card is fine the bank card companys automated service played a recording from The Attitude stating 'we no longer ship to this country" heard it with my own ears.


Could this be Attitude's way of covering their azz?  They maybe don't want to admit, on a US bank's recording device, that they ship seeds to the US.

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cc issue.


grinspoon=forever in flower

                  super lemon sativa

                  think grams, not ounces

                   much like African landrace

Yes this is done as a  personal stash grow for me I hear you might get a ounce and a half a plant but its holy grail quality .

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I grew out a 10 pack of Barneys fems. I had 2 distinct pheno's, one looked like the common photo, and was the "best" one imo. both were pure lemon pledge, but the "beaded" one would burn your eyes like an onion. it was fun, but not worth the ridiculous flower times. I'm accustomed to a 60 day cycle, these jacked my perpetual garden motions.  I cloned that pheno a few dozen times for friends and toked the last of it early spring. High end boutique, and really cool looks.


Killer thc selections can be found on the rare dankness roster, flavor in the TGA gear, and far out madness in the CaliConnect harem, that's where my heart is. some newbies this yr were cherrie pie, face off, jesus og, and 30 others I don't recall this minute. those are still favs, which change often here



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