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Wendy’S Employee Gets Fired For Serving Weed Burger


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Wendy’s Employee Gets Fired for Serving Weed Burger


32-year-old Wendy’s employee Amy Seiber was arrested and fired from her job after a customer called 911, claiming she had found a half smoked blunt in her cheeseburger.


The customer with the blunt burger called police, who went to the Wendy’s location where the burger was purchased.  Seiber allegedly immediately admitted the blunt was hers.


According to police, Seiber admitted to smoking marijuana on the job and having accidentally “misplaced” the blunt mid-burger.


Siber was promptly fired and arrested for possession of marijuana.  The customer who received the burger said she experienced food-poisining-like symptoms and was hospitalized. 


She said that Wendy’s offered to pay her medical bills and gave her a $50 gift certificate to the fast food chain.


A rep for Wendy’s said, “Obviously the employee broke the rules and did not follow proper food handling steps … We are deeply sorry that this incident occurred.”



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She could have at least took the paper off of the  blunt, no one would have known, they would have just thought wow im feeling realy good, got any ice cream? lol


Oh you know it is gonna come down on mm pt's and c.g's, I can here the news now!


Funny story though, but realy a stupid thing for this young woman to do. now how the heck you lose a blunt making burgers? dont matter how many  burgers and frys ya got going, your gonna smell the mj smoking it on the burger line!  :bong7bp:



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