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Law Enforcement’S Pot Claims Inaccurate


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We’d like to thank Mr. Odegard and Mr. Hall for their outstanding article in the Dec. 1 edition of the Democrat-Herald and Gazette-Times.

While not affiliated, we do wish the gentlemen they referenced in Corvallis the best of luck with their dispensary project.


We cannot, however, allow the letter to the paper from law enforcement officials to stand (“Don’t let Oregon turn into California,” Dec. 1).

We have tried repeatedly to work with law enforcement to address their concerns and ensure dispensaries operating in Albany set the standard for professionalism, safety and compliance.


We expect to be held under scrutiny and will not deviate from the letter and intent of the law while providing patients safe access, not profiting from selling marijuana.

Law enforcement’s response continues to be smokers of medical marijuana are alcoholic, fraudulent drug-abusers with potential mental problems, irresponsible lifestyles, and no chronic illnesses.


We don’t understand why, as this simply isn’t the case. Consider a few of their key points:



“‘Substantial pain’ is the nebulous medical condition listed.” Is law enforcement saying it is dubious that patients asking to receive pain medication check the box “pain”? Consider that 15,368 Oregon Medical Marijuana Program patients (26 percent) cite “persistent muscle spasms, including but not limited to those caused by MS,” in addition to checking the box for “substantial pain.” Misrepresentation of facts does not further law enforcement’s argument, and patient applications have nothing to do with dispensaries.


“The average user of smoked medical marijuana has no chronic illness … .” What credentials does law enforcement have that make them qualified to dispute patients’ physicians? Remember, you cannot get a card without a medical doctor’s recommendation.


It is a long, expensive process that includes registering your personal information with the state. According to law enforcement, marijuana is already readily available on a thriving black market without the red tape of getting an OMMP card, so why bother lying to put yourself on a list that’s available to law enforcement? All that aside, this also has nothing to do with dispensaries.


“… with a history of alcohol and drug abuse.” The “average” person who has registered for an OMMP card is not only a fraud but also a drug addict and alcoholic?! Ignoring the obviously offensive nature of this claim, it still just makes no sense. You can’t even get a card if you’ve been convicted within the last five years.


Anecdotally, among the hundreds of people we’ve met over the years with the OMMP, we have never met an alcoholic or drug addict, including a marijuana addict.


According to a 1999 Federal Institute of Medicine study, less than 10 percent of those who try marijuana meet the clinical criteria for dependence, while 32 percent of


tobacco and 15 percent of alcohol users do (http://www.drugpolicy.org/drug-facts/10-facts-about-marijuana). This still has nothing to do with dispensaries


Fear-mongering, fact-deficient arguments do nothing to further the conversation. We aren’t arguing the benefits or risks of marijuana (that conversation stopped in 1998), we just want a safe place to acquire our voter- and doctor-approved medication under the scrutiny of law enforcement. Why does law enforcement continue to demand dispensaries operate as speakeasies?


There is a better way and we welcome the day law enforcement wants to be professionals and address the real issues. Prohibition of legal organizations that welcome oversight encourages black markets.



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Geez, I could say the same thing about cops.  The only reason they are cops is to get around the law and be able to be an alcoholic or drug addict with no repercussions.  I know some that are alcoholics and drug addicts and one that actually discharged his weapon into an open (hippy) bar and all that happened to him was he was taken home and the guns they knew about were taken away from him.  What does this have to do with dispensaries?  About as much as what the cops said does.

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I would be glad to point out the facts about police while they spout lies about us:


Domestic violence is 2 to 4 times more common in police families than in the general population. In two separate studies, 40% of police officers self-report that they have used violence against their domestic partners within the last year. In the general population, it's estimated that domestic violence occurs in about 10% of families.

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Sorry, this struck a nerve.  Feeling a bit anarchist after reading that.  I know too many leo that have done too many things outside the law, not in Oregon but...  I went to school with most of them.   Although i didn't know the guy who shot thru the bar.

I also know too many leo's to know that's not the way a lot of them feel.


  Kind of ironic the drug "abuse" they speak of is only because the politicians and fed keep it that way.  I know a lot of aspirin addicts too and that actually kills people.  I think they'd be more qualified as "drug addicts" than pot smokers.


I'm gonna start making shirts that say MMMP patient with IBS, I'll trade my card and syndrome for your health.  I'd love to not have to smoke to eat well for a week.  Maybe then I could go on vacation without fear of incarceration.   Any police officer that writes that in public should be fired for bias.  Protect and serve my donkey.

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My mother died of Asprin poisoning.

They called it suicide but I know better.

That happened 28 yrs. ago, what did we

know about the dangers of Asprin then?

Safe my arse!

My dr. has me on low dose aspirin now for my heart supposedly, I have heart disease and diabetes in my family, so I shouldnt be taking the aspirin?  im going to talk to my dr. about that, and yes she is mm friendly just dont write renewells or certs any longer because of their affiliation with st. marys!


Cops are wilder than the average citizen when they are not working, some even when they are working, my old man was a cop, and I went on a bunch of weekend get togethers with his cop buddys, they all smoked mj (except my old man) they all were totaly hard core drinkers and loved to pick up strange at the out of town bars we would go to, When one of them would be rolling a joint they would talk about who they took it from on a pull over, and beleive it or not some one always brought a bunch of booze they took from people when they pullled them over and let them go,,,Im totaly telling you the truth, back in the 80's when my old man was building his cabin/retirement home, all cops helped him and it was party on and no holds barred!



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