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I Have Bad Knees


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I suffer from chronic pain in my knees caused from 24 years of roofing in the winter, summer and never relied on a knee pad.. before I got my card and got to testing different strains my pain in my knees really bothered me bye aching while I slept or when the cold came. since I got my card and have tried different strains to sleep ive seen og kush really help me with my pain.. is there another strain any one suggest might help me more cause there is nights and days I don't feel the relief of no pain and a good rest....

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I have always used alcohol extractions similar to making tinctures or oil. You can also use the extraction in ointments and salve. I have also heard of water extractions like making tea, but have never tried that myself.


This is Dizledot's method which is my favorite. Heating the mixture will of course shorten extraction time, but this is safe and simple.





1 root ball throughly cleaned and dried. Wash and re wash with water until all soil is removed from fresh roots. Make sure you have dried or dehydrated it to the point where the roots are no longer soft and pliable.


1 bottle of 90% isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol)



Grind root ball to a fine powder, open a bottle of 90% isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol), pour approximately 1/3 of contents into a separate container for storage.


Using a funnel with an opening appropriate to container, pour in ground material, shake well, then store in a dark place, shaking every few days, for 1-2 months.


Strain out material before using, with a cheesecloth or coffee filter, apply liberally to affected area for pain relief, as needed.



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Friedelin is one terpene that has been definitely identified in hemp root, and has been independently found to be anti-inflammatory, antipyretic and analgesic in effect; epifriedelinol is another, present in many medicinal herbs - although its exact effect is unknown.

Other research has shown that the roots contain significant concentrations of alkaloids, including piperidine and pyrrolidine, which are highly important in the synthesis of pharmaceuticals; choline, a dietary amine that is essential for the integrity of cell membranes; and atropine




 breaking up the root-mass into small chunks, then placing it into a slow cooker with water and oil in a 3:1 ratio (e.g. six cups water, two cups oil - an effective way to dissolve the active ingredients in the oil without 'frying' them), and leaving it to simmer for 12-14 hours, making sure to add water if it begins to dry out. The mixture is then strained and frozen; the oil is poured off the ice it rests upon and heated gently with beeswax until the desired room-temperature consistency is achieved. It is also possible to experiment with various other ingredients, both during the initial boiling process - where leaves and barks such as sage or cinnamon could be added - and during the final mixing stages, where it would be more advisable to use extracts and essential oils. This recipe is said to be highly effective at relieving muscle and joint pain, stiffness and spasticity when applied topically

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What extraction method WB?

If your going to make it like a tincture than use everclear 180 proof, ive used this on roots and stems, keep it in the dark and shake it when ever you think about it, at least once a day, some you can have ready quickly if your only looking to get the thc out of it, if you are wanting the whole ball of wax it takes upto 8 weeks, and than just use it like a tincture, put a few drops under your tounge, if that is not enough use a lil more, it is edible and you dont have to worry about getting drunk unless your going to do shots of it lol!


Best of luck!



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theres not thc in the roots.


patients have reported root lotions to help ease pain.

some chemical in the roots is a pain reliever. which one? i dont know.


Here is the Blair Van Pelt study on cannabis root.



They found glycoside, fatty acids, sugars, and 2 different lipids. 1 lipid was unidentified and the other was identified but they weren't sure if it was biologically active.


I don't know how or why it works but it makes muscle and joint pain go away. It doesn't numb the area it just stops hurting.

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I has serious knee pain as well due to arthritis.  For me, Indica strains work the best for pain.  I've had success, as you have, with various OG strains.  In addition, other specific starins I have found to be helpful are Northern Lights, Querkle, LSD, Rocklock, Ice, Purple Kush, Cataract Kush, Blackwater OG, Critical Mass.


I, personally, am not in a position where I can be intoxicated in any fashion during the day, so I tend to smoke right before bed (which help me sleep as a bonus), and I take an alcohol tincture as well right before bed (it's a decarbed alcohol extraction).  If I follow this routine religiously it keeps the pain in my knees to a minimum.  Over time, I've come to believe it is the inflammation that causes me the most pain, so my hypothesis is that this regiment keeps the inflammation to a minimum, hence alleviating my pain.  


I would like to experiment more with high CBD / low THC strains.  Especially making alcohol tincture that I could consume throughout the day as I am curious if it would help me further, but I have found it difficult to get high CBD strains that I trust are actually high CBD  / low THC.  I do not want any intoxicating effect for daytime use, and I'm not convinced the strains I've tried actually have that high of a CBD content.

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Maybe you are looking too hard at what others are telling you about THC/CBD?  Let your own body tell you what works and what does not. Some of the hype about CBD is just hype to promote a strain that is held hostage for money. Suspect anything that a seller will tell you about testing because any testing done by sellers is mostly junk science.

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It would be a more economical choice to use the whole plant extract when you think you don't need all that THC. Just keep all the best buds for other uses and do a nice long warm extraction on the rest of the plant. That will give you an oil with a more rounded set of cannabinoids for your less THC needy uses. Like grandma said, eat your vegies/greens, they are the key to better health. Cannabis has no shortage of that as a bonus if you include it. Some folks work very hard to exclude what might be their best weapon to fight what ails them. Start with a whole plant extract, it's all in there.

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"It's ALL in there"........


PHARMA.....Meds,   for a multitude of ailments



ENVIRO.......CO2 filter






Fuel Bio




And last but surely.....Hemp Rope. 


Jobs anyone?


Free the  Weed



Thank You Jesus for this 420 post

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although, there are over 30 countries that enjoy legal hemp, and none of those are making any kind of killing in those job fields, economy recovery, or even cancer research and treatments. I know we'd all have jobs available that's for sure. I've never met a professional, physician, or healer that new more about the cannabis plant, its history, and uses than our group right here !

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Oh Come on...This is The USA...We can Make Hemp Sexy


Please tell me it  aint about the money


How do we go from Naturally growing legal plant       to,    Making it illegal and initiating the failed prohibition that evolved into our War on Drugs,    to    OMG we  cant find a way to make it a Naturally growing legal plant again?


Please tell me it aint about the money...

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For pain and sleep issues, most of the og kushes and chems help, pre 98 bubba but the katsu bubba is really special. Also a quality cut of Grandaddy purps, I had kens cut and we ran a pack of kens original gdp beans and what turned out to be pheno 1 was better then kens cut in all aspects and is truly special with pain from the lower back down. Also check out dr greenthumbs bubba og, I never ran it personally but just smoked some last night and doc did an excellent job with it, extremely potent and tasty, nice yields I heard.

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well, after careful review of every other American policy, including marijuana policy, and the hoards of folks chasing the green rush, I'd say it has a little to do with the money on the country whole, wouldn't you?

I would say that governments and investors are looking at the financial benefits, while pharma looks at the financial disadvantages.  Patients naturally would like free - or very cheap - meds, but growers know there is some expense, time and skill involved and would hope to be compensated for their efforts.    These are the people pushing to make it happen -  money is the grease that oils the capitalist machine.  


I think small growers who can make a little money for indulging their hobby or part time occupation is just about right.  I think dispensaries should be non-profits - big salaries for the principals are ok, but the rest of the profit should go back into research and services and providing affordable or free meds to those who truly would benefit if they could afford them.


The US is a capitalist country....nothing gets done if there isn't money involved for all concerned.  The question is...how much?  It looks to me like a risky investment to open a dispensary - except to those who are already taking huge risks in the drug trade.  Until the Federal government changes it's laws, dispensaries will always be operating in a gray area of the law without the cover of caution and discretion.  I wouldn't put my life savings into a business that's barely legal.


I think the coming decade will see a further loosening of restrictions until growing cannabis is like growing other herbs...it's not as easy as some think, and you might make a living at if if you are good, but you won't get rich.  


I'd like to see more activism and education for those that don't already appreciate the benefits of cannabis.  I think 50% of the population would be amazed at some of the anecdotal evidence for the treatment of numerous diseases...if only they knew.  

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