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Bill Schuette's Campaign Reports $1.2M Cash On Hand


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Bill Schuette's re-election campaign reports $1.2M cash on hand

LANSING, Michigan — Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette's (SHOO'-tee's) re-election campaign says its 2013 state campaign finance report will show more than $1.2 million in cash on hand.


The Bill Schuette for Attorney General Campaign on Friday announced the planned filing, which is expected at the end of the month.


The announcement comes after the Republican's campaign recently rolled out a leadership team covering each of Michigan's counties ahead of next year's election.


(Story distributed by The Associated Press)





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isnt the donor list really a list of the companies who do not wish to be sued?


DTE up there? monopoly? polution?

i want to know what sneaky bunny muffin meijer is up to.

dow chemical of course.


blue cross totally mishandled the ACA/obamacare. they cancelled 100,000 policies in september. then in december sent a letter 'oh, heres a new policy that might work for you'. are you serious? you just expected 100,000 people to just give up being insured for 2 months?


did some republicans take over bluecross and are trying to torpedo obamacare by giving 100,000 people a 2 month gap in health insurance coverage ?

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oh yeah, in march the governor signed a law about blue cross blue shield to flower it into a regular insurance company.




When Blue Cross requested a 36 percent rate increase for Medigap policies in 2009, Attorney General Bill Schuette challenged this request. The result? The state approved a 4 percent rate increase instead.


never thought i'd say this, thank you bill schuette for that.

who voted yes for this law?

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The irony, of course, is that it was Republicans, via their premiere think tank, the Heritage Foundation, who came up with the idea in the first place.

As you know, the “individual mandate” requires that every American buy health insurance, if they don’t have it through their work, or pay a penalty.

Now we are forced into paying Blue Cross  aka  Bill Shuettes reelection fund  or get fined,,    Or sign up for  Medicare  and have all our assets seized when we pass away  leaving nothing to our children,  

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isnt the donor list really a list of the companies who do not wish to be sued?


It's a list of companies trying to get people elected who they think will pass/enforce laws that are favorable to them.


Dow for example;

hemp/renewable resources = bad,  petrochemicals/pollution = good


"Who can help us keep that dangerous hemp away from the public so they continue to enrich us buying our synthetics and still let us dump our waste on public land?"

"I know! Good ole' Bill Shuette!"


http://www.cannabisculture.com/content/2011/12/01/Michigan-Medical-Marijuana-Law-Destroyed-Dow-Baby-Attorney-General  (A must read!)



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Interesting read WB thanks.. I had no idea how involved he truly was with big pharma..I knew he was a dick but wow, he doesn't have the people of Michigan's interests at heart.


Lousia says "On my gravestone I will have it carved: 'I would surely be alive today, except for Attorney General Bill Schuette.'"

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