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N.s.a. Is Out Of Control. We're Living Under A Totalitarian Regime

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not just mac/I-phones


they have exploits for hard drive filmware, USB cords and plugs with RF, circuits that can be added IN PROXCIMITY to a motherboard, and tools to compromise any server of any company/government/individual........and more


also, the accusation of collusion by the manufactures to pre-install backdoor exploits

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here's a list of NAMED hardware/software manufactures with proven NSA exploits in place


seems impossible w/o active collusion. EACH company has some explaining to do


Western Digital


exploits for SMS, SD cards, RF transmitters for monitors keyboards and USB, #BADBIOS, hard drive filmware, router and internet protocols



whether or not these companies helped with the exploits, the NSA is/has acted illegally. 


they either colluded/forced these manufactures to install backdoors or are exploiting (NSA)known security risks instead of sharing that information to help strengthen networks. to say again. they have information that compromises worldwide network security leaving the exploiter able to control/invade/copy/inject ANY computer/network/country in the world. instead of working with companies to close these holes and develop tools to discover or protect against these exploits, they leave them in place to be used by themselves, I'm sure China has similar operations, and really anyone else  that stumbles onto their methods. at the same time making ANY experiments, research or tests that could expose/close these exploits illegal. even on your own private closed network....conspiracy to commit computer fraud....hacking


wasn't this an X-Files episode or something?? I hate it when truth is scarier than fiction

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NSA out of hand? Yes, I must agree. Actually, I think it is much worse than that. Who are they working for? We know that all of our electronics are tapped and we are being watched. I can't help but to wonder if the NSA is in place for only one reason. To protect political corruption. Why do I say this? The proof is in the pudding. If the NSA was meant to protect the people then I have a question. Why is it that nobody was arrested with the collapse of our economy? All of those corrupt bankers and nobody was to blame? Nope, the government just printed up a bunch of money and gave it to them. Why is the NSA not arresting those criminals? I think I know why. Those corrupt criminals are in charge of the big businesses. Those big businesses supply money towards the politicians campaigns. If those guys are imprisoned, who will flip the bills for the next election campaigns?


I don't know, just the way I see it.

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 Secret Court session ?


Thats an open meeting act violation and against the Law but i do agree with NSA is and has been way out of control the only thing we can all do is support the ACLU as best we can and you don't have to alway give $$ to support something like Freedom


Lets all hope they keep fight for whats left of our Freedom 

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