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I am finally getting my card this week and I'm sooooo happy! Cannabis brings me so much pain relief. Having chronic migraines and an allergy to pharmaceutical pain killers means I don't have many other options. I have no idea what to do about a caregiver but I've got the certification process started and my medical records are being reviewed, blah blah. Yay!

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It varies widely depending on the type of migraine, mine are atypical and it is hard to determine triggers sometimes.


I am very interested in finding a caregiver who can work with me to find the best strains for my conditions, which include the side effects of living with generalized anxiety disorder - stomach issues, muscle pain, tension headaches, etc.


I also suffer from barometric migraines, where my pain fluctuates with changes in air pressure. I've been logging my experiences with pain for years and only just recently made the connection to barometrics with the help of various doctors.


I have had the best luck with strains like sour diesel, recently - anything known for anti-anxiety and pain relief tends to fit me like a glove and levels me out into a semi-functional human even when I'm sick.

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Cannatonic 1 might be useful. It is approx 50/50 cbd/thc. A patient who has painful arthritis finds it helpful. Cannatonic 4 which is 14-16% cbd is very good on anxiety, I have a patient who was able to get off an anti anxiety medication by using it. Best of luck 

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i get terrible sinus headaches when the air pressure changes. unfortunately here in michigan, thats all of the time!

the old sudafed used to work for me. then they changed the formulation, the new stuff doesnt help me at all..


thats why whenever someone mentions migraines i always point them to this study 


9 out of 10 migraine sufferers found relief in a hyperbaric chamber.

theres some hyperbaric chamber treatment centers in michigan. or you can even build/purchase your own, worth looking into.




theres also breathing pure oxygen (called nomobaric oxygen treatment) or NBOT which also works.

as breathing pure oxygen is pretty safe and very cheap, its worth a shot to try using it to see if it helps your headaches.



if you are looking for a caregiver, please say which city/county you are in so a local caregiver can contact you.


good luck.

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