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Magnesium Deficiency?


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If you get lockout, to reverse, you flush with the correct ph adjusted water for your medium.


Yup. The cases of over fertilization that I have seen involve burnt, curled leaves and stunted growth. Flushing is the way to correct it.


Flush with "tepid" water - neither warm nor cold - and 1/2 regular dose of nutes. Incorrect soil pH will produce lockout and yellowing leaves. The amount of nutes a plant can handle is somewhat dependent on its age and size. Small plant = small nutes. Big plant = big nutes


Oh yeah. I have determined that organic nutes are more "forgiving" than inorganics. You can overdo the organic nutes to a much greater degree than you can inorganics with less bad effects.


I recently inadvertently double dosed a plant with Jobes Organic dry fertilizer and watered it in before I realized it. I thought for sure that I had killed it. I flushed the plant and gave it only water for a month. It turned out beautifully.

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