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Well guys I need to know the proper way to do this. I know everyone does it differently. I'll just take all the info you all give me and see what way seems most used.

I need to know the final process.

From pulling the plant up to ready to smoke.

IV got some good looking and smelling stuff how ever I don't want to screw the last stage up.

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you're ready to harvest? :)


ok i just reviewed a bunch of trimming videos on youtube to make sure my way isnt 100% wrong.

but it seems like everyone does it differently and has different rules. trimming it wet, trimming it 80% dry, trimming it dry.

whos right? whos wrong? does it really matter? i dont know.


last time i did it , i trimmed wet.


cut the plant at the bottom of the main stem, hang the entire thing from a wire/hook above you, while you sit on a comfortable couch.

make sure you can raise or lower the plant so you dont have to hold your arms up too high.

i did this because half of the videos on youtube have a person holding the plant with one hand (carpel tunnel) and trimming with the other hand. this just seemed wayyyy too painful to me to hold onto a stem with one hand for hours.


sit under the plant, put a big tray/box on your lap. put a bright light on the hanging plant.

put on some music. get your trimming scissors ready, clean them and dip them in iso to make sure no mold/dust on them.


now start trimming all of the fan leaves off. put the fan leaves in a drying rack , or juice and eat them.


next clean your tray off and start doing the sugar leaf trim. keep the sugar leaf and fan leaf seperate and label them for easier identification later.


dont forget to take breaks! trimming is a crazy job, people who trim a lot say its the worst part. thats why most people buy trimming machines or trim the speed way (cut everying to the edge of the bud and call it quits).


i always tried to cut the stems off of the bud as far into the base of the stem as i could reach with the scissors.

does this make a difference? does smoking the leaf stems cause more irritation? this also gets all of the leaves out. is this good or bad? you lose a lot of weight this way, but no leaves. is the tar in the leaves or both the leaves and the flowers? hmm.


i found that even with the plant hanging in front of me, my arms still got tired.

maybe its better to just let the bud sit on your tray while you trim it? try it both ways and see what works best for you!

try trimming it wet and scraping off your scissors to make scissor hash.

try trimming it dry and see if its easier to trim that way?


drying and trimming is going to smell pretty hardcore. run those filters the whole time.

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Heres my method the last 2 weeks I begin giving nothing but pure water once I see what I prefer under the loop depending on strain I clip each bud off the stalks and toss them into a multi tiered mesh hanger once the buds begin to feel crispy on the outside I then transfer the buds to plain brown grocery bags once I can pull a bud and have the stem break I then put the buds into mason jars burping each jar once a day its pretty simple actually .

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then just hang em to dry. somewhere warm and dry and dark.


after you can bend/break the stems on the buds, put them in sealed jars for 24 hours. then open the jars to get fresh air for a few hours.

put the lids back on and do this every day for 1-2 weeks. should be finished after that.


i have no idea if this is the best way. i've seen people use bags (just regular grocery bags) instead of jars. it doesnt matter as long as you can control airflow.

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I cut it at stalk, clip off large leaves, hang it up in a Cool, dry, secluded place. Around 30 percent humidity, 70 or so degrees with an oscilating fan blowing around, not directly on them but enough so they move a little. After it feels dry, usually 4-5 days, i will trim it and decide if it needs another day or if it can go into a jar. Trimming wet buds is a pain compared to dry.

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Really? I dont like doing either one anymore but wet buds, you gotta move em and clip in between em to get leaves, hands get extremely sticky, and maybe i wasnt that good but i always ended up with more leaf left on em than id like. Dry its just schuuum, all comes right off lol and i can cut the bud off stem and into a tray it goes. I know others that are like you and do it wet. Whatever works you know.

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If you don't like your hands sticky then wear thin vinyl gloves. BONUS ; If your phone rings then you can take the gloves off and not ruin your phone.


If you don't like all those little tiny leaves that are close to the bud then you had better trim wet, they are next to impossible to trim properly when they curl up.

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after you get that sticky stuff on your hand... it doesnt wash off. it takes considerable time to peel it off of your skin as well.


i reccomend gloves. its like superglue on your hand all day otherwise.

Really ?


It usually just rolls off into a nice little ball that I give away to my patients.

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