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What Deficiency Is This?

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They were clones but these are not original cutting leafs. These plants are in second week of 12/12, vegged for a month from clone. I snipped off a lot of the affected leafs and flushed last night but it seems the newer leafs are getting bad also. Any other ideas?

And thanks for the link Sledge. To me it looks like a phosphorus deficiency but I'm unsure. I guess I will feed with what I have been feeding after the soil dries up a bit from the flush 

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this is in a basement, right? in soil-less?  

i get the same rust in soil-less, it goes away when i transfer the affected pot to hydro, but until then it climbs from the bottom leaves up.. .. is the trunk affected?  looking dried?

as for wpm, rust, botritis;  I use eagle 20 in veg, and after that rust and mold stays away from new upper growth and the old affected leaves continue to dry out and crisp to dust, leaves falling...hope helps.

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today?  since you are in flower, too late for a systemic.

I'd drop ro% to 22 and drop day temp to 66 and night to 59.

this will stop the spread--wpm hates the cold and dry and your plants will compensate for the ro% by producing more resin.

and keep pots barely moist not wet or flooded, greater soil moisture=greater wpm

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Yeah I have read alot about the milk method with wpm. Tho looking at my plants today there is no white dust/mildew anywhere. I snipped off the leafs that had it on, which were only two and I don't see any today. 

I plan to clean the tent with 10% bleach, 90% water just to be sure. I honestly think one of the plants got too stressed and hermied and let the pollen out, which would suck.

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I have one plant in my garden, a Kosher Kush, that has some leaves that look exactly like Akeldama's, especially the pattern of the brown spots. I've had a little PM in my flower room, but none in veg where the KK is. That, and I started adding an organic fungicide once or twice while watering in veg. I feed this one exactly like I treat the others, so it must be something peculiar to this strain. So... what's the problem with our plants? 

I checked out the link about plant problems. Which brings on another question. Once in a while I'll have a strain or just one particular plant that will put out twisty leaves. The article indicates that that is from a ph that is too high. I was having a problem with that with my Sour Lifesaver plants. After adding more magnesium the problem went away, but I still occasionally have the problem with other strains and plants. Any input on this? 

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