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Hey SJ!  Good to see you posting brother!

Thanks for your answer. I used photobucket

size etc was all good.  I just don't see my

avatar and even the 'no avatar' avatars are

just blank spaces from my view.

Mine says: imiubu's Photo in a little box.

I know something is up as even those who

have long standing avatars, I am unable to view

them.  They are just a blank space.


Not that it is really important... just a little detail

that bothers the Virgo in me :D

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mine have been doing the same thing imi for about a week and a half or so..


i have tried everything i could think of as well.


no clue.


i am using firefox.. windows 7


i assume its a windows 7 is falling behind in the game sort of issue...


have a great day :)


hopefully a solution will arise eventually :)

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Have you uploaded a profile image? i believe that the avatar is different than the profile image. I am not sure where in the site the avatar is used.


Yes, I believe it is called a profile image.  I had uploaded one, it showed in my profile when I edited, just not out on the boards.


imiubu, as long as you can see mine right !

I see  zappas, slowjustice, mibrains, but not yours

I see you grassmatch!



Killface is present and accounted for.


I see you Kd!



I switched up my uploaded image and now I see I too :jig:



I still am unable to see many others that I was able to see b4, strange.

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