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How To Use Tags


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I have been doing a little research into the importance of using tags for websites.

They help get more 'hits' from search engines.  There is an 'art' kinda to using tags

as you want to use the key parts of your subject as tags.


I am not the person to write up a tutorial of sorts as I still am a rookie.

Any one here up for a little 'Tagging Tutorial'? 

I would like to see 3MA get hits for more subjects than just mmj, as we have a LOT

of useful information here.


Now, my question is... how do I enter the tags when entering a new topic (like this one)?

I am stuck, LOL


Also, once a new topic has been posted, can the person who posted it go back and edit

to place some tags ?





edit to add:


It is also important how you phrase your subject.  Think about how you would 'google' a

specific subject.  That would be the way to title your subject line.  More traffic brings

new members and fresh ideas!!!

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you are correct with manipulating your thread titles, mentioning the website within the post, and signatures, and lots of other boosters too,, to change stats, by broadening the search term scape possibilities. The mere use of googling the forum addy to log in is a great habit for boosters of sites. Clicking on specific subjects in the search to find a post is another. then, there are other less than honorable ways too,  but who the heck knows about those? 

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