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Mesa County Sheriff: Return Brenda Maggio’S Illegally Seized Medicine

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On Dec. 20, while I was at the grocery store purchasing all the medications my family needed for our ailments, a very sick friend of mine was receiving a visit from some Mesa County Sheriff’s deputies. They were called to the home for a medical issue and came across my friend’s medical marijuana supply. She had grown her medicine in accordance with Colorado laws and was carefully managing her supplies to last until harvest time this summer.

Authorities concluded that this woman, who is virtually bedridden and dying, was a drug dealer and confiscated everything, which included about 50 mason jars, each containing an ounce or two of marijuana. They claim to have confiscated 50 pounds of drugs but failed to subtract the weight of the jars from their total. Some simple math and the fact that a one-quart jar weighs almost 15 ounces leaves one to conclude that she had only a few pounds of medication, barely enough to ease her pain and treat her symptoms until the next harvest.



More information about my friend’s medical conditions and the benefits of cannabis treatment may be found with the petition created by her family, entitled “Mesa County Sheriff: Return Brenda Maggio’s illegally seized medicine” at Change.org.



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