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Thomas Paine

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My personal favorite of the founding fathers is Thomas Paine. I read in the Federalist papers where James Madison held that "for one branch of government to acquire the authority of another is the very definition of tyranny." A regulation that begins with"MCL" is the law, passed by lawmakers. The law that we the people have to follow. The regulations that do not begin with "MCL" are not regulations that are passed by lawmakers. Why do we allow the lawyers to change the law with their bias and ludicrous interpretation of the laws passed by the people we elect to do so? By changing the definition of the law, they are making law. This is the very definition of tyranny. As a jurist you have the right to disregard the instructions of the court because they may make errors. They never lie because they are not under penalty of perjury. If you want to know what the law is you have to read it!

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you said the mmj law was written by the legislature, but you are incorrect.


MPP wrote our law. it was a voters initiative. granholm signed it into law after it passed with 63% of the people's vote (and it won in every county too!).




crooked judges are going against the intent of the law. no patient should be arrested or prosecuted ever.

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