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Two Men Claiming To Be Police Rob Lansing Home

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Two men claiming to be police rob Lansing home

Written by Ken Palmer


LANSING — Lansing police were looking for two men who robbed a man in his southwest Lansing home, shot the family’s dog and fled with medical marijuana.


Lansing Sgt. Del Kostanko said the incident happened about 9 p.m. Tuesday in the 3700 block of Stillwell Avenue on the city’s southwest side.


Two men, both with handguns, one wearing a ski mask, approached the home, knocked on the door and identified themselves as police. The men then barged into the residence and shot the family dog, which was nursing puppies, Kostanko said.


They ransacked the house, and left with money and medical marijuana, police said.


There was one male resident and four kids in the house. The children were believed to have been asleep at the time. Police say the suspects likely left by car.


Police said the robbery was not random. They are asking anyone with information to call (517) 483-4600.




Like phaquetoo says, "Loose lips sink ships!"



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its enough to make sleeping people reconsider grabbing a gun in the middle of the night. what if its a gang of cops with a warrant and lasers at your chest when you come around the corner to investigate, wielding a 12 gauge. maybe wont turn out so good for home owner ?  It pisses me off when I read these stories. these two thieves terrorized a family and killed their dog. small children saw the boogie man and will be affected forever by the assault.

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