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Roving Gangs Of Potheads Forcing Tourists To Smoke In Colorado

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A spokesman for the Sheriff’s office in Summit County, which includes the popular ski resort Breckenridge, said a Japanese couple in a hotel parking lot was cornered by a gang described as “dreadlocked snowboarders” who ordered the visitors to smoke out of a four-foot bong while the couple’s three horrified children watched.


Roth did advise, however, that visitors should remain vigilant, especially in places like parking garages, dark alleys and sewers — all places where pot addicts congregate. She also said it’s important to be on guard when participating in activities popular with addicts, such as snowboarding and frisbee golf.




theres a lot of satire articles lately.

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lol @ "doobage" .

Being the youngest of 5 boys I grew up quick things most people didn't get into at 16 I was already well versed at when I was 10 so since around 72 ive been well connected in the cannabis culture and looking back I wouldn't change a thing about how I grew up it was a blast wish I could do it all over again .
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