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Looking For A Caregiver In Wayne County (Trenton)


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yeah, the doc that signed my paper work, said that the prosecutor in A2 promised not to go after dispensaries but theyre technically illegal.



detroit and ann arbor are scoff-law communities loaded with disps. those 2 do diff than rest of mi in regards to mmj practices.

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you can purchase from a vendor with reasonable arrest protections. The vendor will be in violation of the law for transferring of marijuana to you, unless you are one of his five registered patients.

Interview well, make sure both of you will have your expectations met. A seller on a website(budtrade, craigslist,etc) willing to transfer without registration is risking their entire garden, and their legally registered patients' supply. Not usually a good sign of responsible growing or suitable caregiving. Beware the offers of free product in trade for your 12 plant possession/registration.


stay safe, represent well

I would appreciate any info on signing up a caregiver. 


Dispensaries are technically illegal, right?


post or pm any info



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think of it this way:  jessica in oakland county won't allow the protections guaranteed under the law.

ypsi, detroit, ann arbor think the law is for other places, and a patient who is acquiring has to be acquiring major excess to atttract leo, or be cushingnut and sideswipe a police car.  

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