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Eric Holder Just Announced A Major Shift On U.s. Marijuana Policy

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Jan 23 (Reuters) - U.S. treasury and law enforcement agencies will soon issue regulations opening banking services to state-sanctioned marijuana businesses even though cannabis remains classified an illegal narcotic under federal law, Attorney General Eric Holder said on Thursday.

Holder said the new rules would address problems faced by newly licensed recreational pot retailers in Colorado, and medical marijuana dispensaries in other states, in operating on a cash-only basis, without access to banking services or credit.

Proprietors of state-licensed marijuana distributors in Colorado and elsewhere have complained of having to purchase inventory, pay employees and conduct sales entirely in cash, requiring elaborate and expensive security measures and putting them at a high risk of robbery.



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Things are moving along nicely. For all the criticism that the Administration is not really interested in changing drug policy, it is apparent that is hooey. There are so many facets and consequences of any move to liberate them that it needs to be done with care, caution, and intelligence. The dominoes are falling, perhaps not quickly enough, but falling nonetheless. Those who have worked with policy issues in government will understand that change is more often incremental than speedy. In those terms, the changes that are occurring are happening at a pretty quick pace. Someone told me  once that patient people live long lives. In some regards I am enjoying watcching the opposition twist in the breeze while the issues blow by them, carping and whining and shooting themselves in the foot the whole time.




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We'll all rally 'round the flag and salute with bic lighters.


Hemp Flag To Be Flown At Capitol On July 4

The Huffington Post  |  By Nick Wing Posted: 07/02/2013 12:56 pm EDT

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A flag made out of a substance that's illegal to grow in the United States will fly above the nation's Capitol building on July 4, the Washington Post reported Tuesday.

The Stars and Stripes will be stitched out of hemp fibers, which come from a plant that the federal government considers to be as harmful as heroin, LSD and ecstasy. As far as the Drug Enforcement Administration is concerned, marijuana plants all fall on the Schedule I list of controlled substances, regardless of their concentration of the psychoactive compound THC. Hemp strains contain very little THC, and while it is legal to import the processed fabric, there are stiff penalties in place for its cultivation.

Congressional lawmakers sought to change that earlier this year, however, with legislation that would have legalized hemp for research purposes. Rep. Jared Polis (D-Colo.) was a key proponent of this measure, which was tripped up last month by the House's failure to pass the farm bill to which it was attached. He also reportedly played a key role in getting hemp up the Capitol's flag pole.

According to the Post, Colorado hemp advocate Michael Bowman gave the flag -- made with Colorado-grown hemp -- to Polis, who worked out the details with the Capitol's flag office. Colorado has legalized hemp production, along with eight other states. While federal law still prohibits its cultivation, some enterprising and daring individuals have already started farming hemp.

Bowman told the Post that the display was a "a powerful symbol,” steeped in American history. Many historians believe that the first American flag, sewn by Betsy Ross in 1776, was made of hemp.

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