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Postcards Supporting Hb 4271 And Hb 5104 Hit The Shelves

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Postcards supporting HB 4271 and HB 5104 hit the shelves


26 Jan, 2014


Michigan ASA project launched; members of ASA, NPRA, Ann Arbor Medical Cannabis Guild provided funding




FLINT- 2014 will be a decisive year for cannabis in Michigan and marijuana rights supporters have a new tool to use when influencing legislators to vote the right way on a pair of critical bills.


10,000 postcards have been printed that bear a message encouraging an individual Senator to vote for the bills. Those postcards can be personalized and are being distributed to Michigan voters.


Primary financial support for the project was supplied by the Ann Arbor Medical Cannabis Guild, with individual contributions from Michigan Alternative Medicine and a handful of top cannabis activists. Members of Americans for Safe Access- Michigan (ASA), the aforementioned Guild and the National Patients Rights Association (NPRA) contributed.


“Michigan ASA, other advocacy groups and individuals support the NPRA and their effort to pass the bills into law,” said Michigan ASA Chairman Jamie Lowell. “The postcards are an easy and convenient way for all concerned citizens to help and to be heard.”


House Bill 4271- the Provisioning Centers Act- and HB 5104- commonly known as the Concentrates Bill- were both passed by the Michigan House of Representatives at the end of 2013. They have both been assigned to the Senate Government Operations Committee for consideration in 2014.


The pair of bills enjoyed broad, bipartisan support in the House. 5104 was approved by a vote of 100 – 9, and 4271 was approved with a 95 – 14 vote. The Senate is a far more conservative legislative body, and all insiders predict a tough battle to secure the votes required to send these bills to the governor for his signature.


“Senators should be encouraged to vote Yes on these bills by those people that live within their district,” said Lowell. The Michigan chapter of Americans for Safe Access has created the postcards as an easy way to communicate with an individual’s elected representative and encourage them to approve the measures. Voters can use the language contained on the postcard as a basis for a personal letter to their Senator, “which is considered a more meaningful expression,” according to Lowell.


The postcards contain the following message:




As a constituent of your district I urge you to support the passage of House Bill 4271, regarding the local option to empower Provisioning Centers for the safe distribution of medical marijuana, and House Bill 5104, to provide registered participants in Michigan’s medical marijuana program with protections for the creation and use of non-smokable forms of medicinal cannabis. Both Bills passed the House with broad bipartisan approval and will be considered in the Senate during 2014.


Thank you in advance for your support.


The cards allow space for voters to write a personal note to their Senator. Included is a slot for name and address; all cards have a space for an individual Senator’s name on the face of the postcard. To ensure the cards are properly delivered, the name of the Senator assigned to the voter’s district must be written on the face of the card, information that can be found at the following link:


Find Your Michigan Senator


The cards can be found at businesses in many communities in Michigan, including Ypsilanti, Jackson, Ann Arbor, Flint and Detroit; for further information about the postcards, contact the author at the email address below or visit 3rd Coast Compassion Center at 19 N. Hamilton, Ypsilanti.

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