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If You Had No Ties To Michigan

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Well, that pretty much describes me. I just have nowhere else to go  :(  My last long time friend left town last fall. 

Michigan is a good state to live in, unless your business is dependent on a good economy. Our mmj law is good, but it would be nice as a patient or cg not to live in fear. I think it would have been far better had the law been written in a way that provided reasonable penalties for violations of the law, rather than stripping away all protections of the law, thus automatically making a pt or cg guilty of multiple felonies and little or no defense. Even forgetting to lock your grow room door could put you in the court system, if not in jail. Tickets and fines would have been far better. Is there a mmj state that does that?

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I cant wait for Monsanto produce the some genetically modified marijuana seeds.  They should mix it with tobacco so it grows thc and nicotine


yeah , they would process it into oil and turn it into gummi bears for the kids...who says there are no emerging markets! 

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Gummi bears, lmbo!


You forgot the caffeine though ;)


Sure, why not the three essentials to start off the day, caffeine, nicotine and cannabis?


Start your day the gummi bear way!  I can see the adverts now.

Put it all in a pill, they understand pills.  Meet George Jetson... Jane his wife...


I'm just being a smart :butt2: lol



edit to add; jamf your pic is creeeeeeepy!

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its from a Russian sleep experiement hoax.  Apparently, he needs a tinfoil hat to be complete



sure they will toss in some opium in mix as well.  Might as well ad coca too.  peyote, shrooms, euacha, khat



enough to make your head xplode and they'll call it the Charlie macheen

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