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Some Local Cities Want To Ban Marijuana Stores

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“If legalization advocates just took a little bit more time and were not so obsessed with doing this at a thousand miles per hour,” he added, “it might be better. Instead, they are helping precipitate a backlash.”


mpp giving up local control, only going to bite them in the end. look at what denver city council tried to do.

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When the argument has shifted from how much time a pothead will do in jail compared to rapists and murderers, to what we see here, an argument about decriminalization or legalization as being the best approach..,  well....


 It makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. :-)


 Pendulum swinging ever so slowly,... ever so constantly.


 And on the legal front, this is why how the state laws are written are so important.  Allowing all Federal law to stand and fully be enforced by FEDERAL authorities.  Municipalities only garner any power from the State.  A city is merely a corporate entity that cannot operate out of state authority unless allowed by the state.


 So,.. local options are either allowed or disallowed by the State alone.  And Federal can always enforce the law on either, because, yes, a State is only a corporate entity that garners its only powers from the Feds.


 So,... yea,... local options have proven to be the ultimate nightmare of marijuana policy in every state that has allowed it.  But what it does do is leave up extremely grey areas of legality with which our movement has operated effectively from for awhile.  We will get burned by it,(local), but it is how chaos effects change.

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i am curious if dry cities or dry counties after prohibition ended, did they do better or worse than cities/counties/states that allowed alcohol?

Believe it or not, they get a lot more drunk drivers in dry counties. They have to drive further to get it. Some of the last dry counties are wetting their whistles now. Georgia and Texas are a couple of very screwy states that like to let the religous groups throw their weight around in isolated counties. Gives the freaks somewhere to live in harmony amongst themselves. Rick Perry ® Texas spoke of it last week. Sort of a "Build it and they will come", freak concept. Leads to 'Mushroom Syndrome".
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